This is where I specialise in. After a decade of graphic design for businesses, I took notice of just how many business owners aren’t uplevelling their brand every few years to fit with their expanding industry knowledge and experience. They’re not sure how to make the upgrade, how simple it can be, what it involves and therefore they’re not sure how to make a start.

Many business owners hire a graphic designer, copywriter, web developer, marketing consultant or social media content creator, and the job’s brief reflects the style of business that they were at and what was important to them and their customers from years ago. It may no longer align with their level of service, their prices or their newest values.

This sends a confusing message to their audience, and potential customers will look elsewhere for a more modern visual, a more simplified message and a business that seems to have confidence in itself.

If this is you, you may be feeling like you have outgrown your business and your brand no longer reflects what you offer. Or you have stopped giving your brand the attention that you once did and now you have lost connection and are watching your competitors grow around you.

Start with this mini questionnaire and we can take the time to discover, unclutter, update and create your unique brand character. So that you feel clear in your communications, confident in your appearance, and rejuvenated & connected with your business again.