Yes! WordPress maintenance can be easy. A supported website is secure, fast and reliable. I provide high-demand plans to make it effortless.

True story…

I had a client call me . He runs quite a large company, so they have internal staff that look after their website. And he said to me,

“Listen, when I log into our website, I see all these little red dots staring at me, telling me I have all these updates to make, but I’m scared to push the button.…Can I just pay you to make it go away?”

That’s when I realised; pushing that button is scary if you don’t know what’s going to break, how long for, and how to fix it. But ignoring it leads to the same fate. As a web developer I know just how wonderful WordPress is to run your website, but at the same time, one of my most frequent projects is fixing unmaintained websites for business owners in a panic.

Ensuring your site is working properly, fighting against hackers and easily read by Search Engines, is priority for every website owner. So I have created WordPress Care Packages. Each plan covers the continuous technical upkeep which makes sure all code is at the most recent version, thereby reducing the chance of intruders finding a loop-hole in old code for entry, search engines reading you quickly and easily, all features working properly and a site which is fast for all impatient viewers! Scroll down to view the packages available.

Website Hosting Clients receive price discounts! A fantastic package deal together!

The benefits of keeping updated…

  • Increased protection from security breaches
  • Search engines trust and rank you higher
  • All features of your website work properly
  • Peace of mind for backup restoration
  • Quicker and cost-effective for developers to edit in the future
  • Faster and more responsive for customers to use
  • WP Admin is more intuitive and easy for you to make edits
  • No more confusing admin update notifications and warnings

The risks of no maintenance…

  • Search engines lower your rank with possible blacklisting
  • Browsers can’t display your site properly using outdated code
  • Plugins conflict together and stop working
  • Your site may have no fail-safe if you need to restore
  • The panic of finding your broken site and trying to source a fix immediately
  • Slower and more confusing (costly) for developers to work on
  • Hacker bots trawl Google for outdated code and break through
  • Admin area may not display your editing box properly or at all
  • To repair a broken site costs more than to keep it maintained

Plan feature details…


All updates will be made, including upgrades to stable WordPress versions. Plugins including manual sourcing and uploads and new theme developer releases.

Website Checks

I will visit your site after an update has been performed and check everything runs smoothly. If not, then I will revert to a previous version and look into available fixes for you.

Backup Anytime

I will backup your site to the cloud, plus pay for a premium backup plugin so you can backup a zip copy to your computer anytime.

Malware Scanning

I will scan your site for malware and known vulnerabilities, and let you know what I can do to fix it if anything is found.

Security Essentials

Over 30 fundamental safety-nets. Such as: Change default /wp-admin access URL, brute force protection, limit failed login attempts, alert to changed files, ban public black-list IPs, silent reCAPTCHA v3 throughout.

Hack Repair

If you experience an attack I will search for the vulnerable entry point and fix it, remove hidden malicious files and malware, clean up any suspicious code and ensure search engines are listing you properly so you’re not blacklisted.

Optimisation Suggestions

I’ll check for suggestions including parent-to-child themes, speed improvements, hosting features and other distinctive factors which are unique to your site.

Monthly Report

You receive a report every month which outlines: Plugin updates, core updates, theme updates, backups taken, uptime statistics, malware status and blacklist status. View a sample report here.

Your plan choices are…