The first and best reason to choose Shona is the exciting results. So why not browse my client testimonials page as proof?


It’s exciting when you send that first design request. The tingle of anticipation for what your brand may become. Then, in just a little while you receive it and it’s everything wanted and more; that’s the fun part!

When a person comes to me – they stay. Why? Because they love my open personality and how perfectly I design for any brand.
When you trust your business’ visual character with me, it’s an investment towards your own brand’s personality and appeal. A charming brand brings in clients. So let’s make your brand super charming.

To begin, I’ll ask questions about your aim because I must understand your business needs in order to make you more appealing than your competitors. I find most of the time this helps you to break down your own brand too.

I’ve earned distinction grades in Graphic Design, Design & Technology and Desktop Publishing. Need proof? Feel free to ask all my clients.

It’s very important to note that I work only via e-mail and phone due to high demand.

My Promise

My policy is to be valuable to your business and to attract positive people and projects.

  • I get to know you, your brand and your clients
  • Service that’s relaxed & accommodating
  • I’m organised and pay attention to your needs
  • I know exactly what works
  • I give creative suggestions when you need it
  • I always deliver on time
  • I love hearing your requests and ideas
  • Design that’s appealing to your customers


A little more personal


I love everything about small business – it fascinates me. Not just the design, but complete growth and management. Even while I’m designing, I’m listening to small business podcasts. With over 15 years experience in the creative industry, my design style is clean and modern which works beautifully in different industries. My personality is INFJ which means I’m creative and dedicated, with a drive to help others realise their potential.

I’m a mumma to two beautiful sons, a yogini, a passionate acoustic guitarist and you’ll most probably hear the cool tunes of Fleetwood Mac or the click-clack of one of my cats trampling the keyboard in the background whilst on the phone with me.

I thrive on keeping our professional relationship a hugely positive one. To encourage this, every testimonial received automatically donates part of your invoice to an Australian charity of your choice.

I ensure every client is excited to use their new creation. Using time to thoroughly research the industry behind a new project since design isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about creating an easy experience for your own customer using the psychology behind a visual layout. With this tip, I create something that helps your business to grow and succeed over-all.

My simple motto “This is the fun part!” is an encouraging reminder of how it should feel for entrepreneurs who don’t know where to start.

Take your time to view my portfolio and then be sure to ask how I can work with you to put your business’ personality together.