Why Choose Shona?

The first and best reason to choose Shona is the exciting results. So why not browse my client testimonials page as proof?


It’s exciting when you send that first design request. The tingle of anticipation for what your brand may become. Then, in just a little while you receive it and it’s everything you wanted and more; that’s the fun part!

When a person comes to me – they stay. Why? I’ve been forming relationships and building brands for over 10 years now. My focus is on reliability and flexibility and it’s obvious to each one of my clients that I love what I do.

I work with positive people and teams; either directly with a person to build a charming brand, or with teams at larger businesses to keep a brand running with ongoing documents, stationery and marketing.

To begin, I’ll ask questions about your aim because I must understand your business needs in order to make you more appealing than your competitors. I find most of the time this helps you to break down your own brand too.

I’ve earned distinction grades throughout my training in Graphic Design, Web Development, Copywriting, Design & Technology and Desktop Publishing. Feel free to ask all my clients about the quality of my work.

It’s very important to note that I work only via e-mail and phone due to high demand.

My promise

My policy is to be valuable to your business and to attract positive people and projects.

  • I get to know you, your brand and your clients
  • Service that’s relaxed & accommodating
  • I’m organised and pay attention to your needs
  • I know exactly what works
  • I give creative suggestions when you need it
  • I always deliver on time
  • I love hearing your requests and ideas
  • Design that’s appealing to your customers


A little more personal

If you could press a glass up to the wall of my home, you’ll hear the squeals of my three sons “playing” together, the click-clack of my cat trampling my keyboard and podcasts playing in the background of my life. The most frequent podcast topics to land between my ears are business, health, mindful living, branding, and productive mummas leading a similar life to mine.

My personality type is INFJ which means I’m contentious, creative and dedicated. I always love to keep busy, with a drive to help others realise their potential. Us INFJs only make up 2% of the general population; with claims to fame like Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, Robert Burns and Bob Marley. — Did I just compare myself to Gandi?

I thrive on keeping my professional relationships hugely positive ones. To encourage this, every testimonial received automatically donates part of the invoice to an Australian charity. I ensure every client is excited to use their new creation. Spending time to thoroughly research the industry behind a new project since design is not just about looking good. It’s about creating a positive experience for a customer using the psychology behind visuals.

With this point, I create something that helps businesses to grow and succeed overall. My simple motto “This is the fun part!” is an encouraging reminder of how it should feel for entrepreneurs who don’t know where to start. I guide people who feel overwhelmed into finding their passion.

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