Different doesn’t need to be hard!! I tell my clients all the time, different doesn’t need to mean reinventing the wheel – and trying to, halts so many decent businesses 😔

For example; what’s different about me?

1. My niche: I’ve made a speciality out of my niche, helping existing businesses owners who have outgrown their brand, to rejuvenate it.

2. My product: I have a signature workbook that is 100% custom created by me, so no other Brand Strategist will offer my exact process.

👉 This doesn’t mean I don’t work with NEW businesses
👉 This doesn’t mean that other designers don’t do this too.

It just means this is the direction that I have chosen to aim majority of my messaging to.

There may be other designers who take this direction and message too. But it’s a minority compared to the industry, and along with my personal style, together these aspects give me a more specific point of difference.

Another example:
My other business @brandsofchange works specifically with socially responsible businesses, charities and eco-alliances. I’ve come across a handful of other design agencies who specialise in this too, but it’s a point of difference that will attract a precise niche and therefore Brands of Change stands out from regular design agencies or this Shona Maitland freelance service.

👍 So don’t hurt your head trying to find a 100% unique difference. Find what makes you STAND OUT instead, in your own way. And if it’s super small, then play it UP so that it appears and becomes bigger. 😘