A brand strategy is an attempt to manage meaning all the way through your business. Your look/design is a huge part of that. But it’s only one part of your whole identity. A strategy is a guide to follow for your future in order to create a consistency that envokes trust, reliability and dependability in the relationship with your audience.

A strategy forms the bones behind the brands that work properly. Before your brand can help others, and before you can feel truly comfortable and clear, it needs to have solid commitments; an idea of where it’s going, how it’s going to get there and what impact it’s going to have.

Once you have discovered and built your strategy, a visual identity guide is built around that. And a sleek and consistent visual identity will be the catalyst for when people think about you.

The modern consumer is more aware of branding than ever before. They expect brands to be crystal clear in their messaging and how they fit into their lives. Each step that we explore, from positioning, to messaging, to design, is a strategic tool in the game of branding. And each tool is another opportunity to place your brand in a position in the mind of your audience.