Earn Passive Affiliate Income When Hosting Your Web Design Clients with Me

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Are you still trying to find the perfect web host for both you and your clients?

Would you like to earn extra, passive income through web hosting referrals, knowing your clients will receive superior web hosting?

 Are you unhappy with your current reseller arrangement?

Are You a Website Designer…

Looking for a reliable host?

I have been hosting my clients’ websites for over a decade and have never had a site go down. I can host your clients’ sites too, and you’ll earn referral income in the process. 

“I feel a sense of relief that I’m referring clients to Shona for hosting. Unlike other hosts I’d referred my clients to, with Shona, none of their sites have gone down. And she takes care of all the technical support like my clients’ WordPress updates, which means it’s one less thing for me to do. As an added bonus, I receive referral income for making mine and my clients’ lives easier!” ~ Sam, WordPress Designer, Sydney

I’m a Website designer and WordPress Manager

Offering to collaborate with web designers looking outsource hosting & management

Thanks for popping by this page. The point of my offer is really simple. You’re a designer (like me!) who designs websites, but your clients use their own hosting and domain name providers which you then either login to via FTP or WordPress to code, or you pass these details along to a coder to begin their work.

I have been hosting my client’s websites for years and have never had one site go down. This is a claim which not many hosts can make. I also provide all technical support to my clients, so essentially they sign up, pay an annual fee and then forget they own the account because I make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

The benefits for your clients.

Hosting without the hassle. Value for money. And more…


Highest standard of service from an Australian hosting company. The servers have never gone down.

I resell from an Australian hosting company that have the highest standard of service and support. To date, their servers have never gone down, with 24/7 network monitoring, constantly upgraded security measures and daily backups. I pay a lot of money for this service, which means everyone’s happy, especially you and your clients!


Their choice of WordPress management or self-manage

My hosting packages are simple to understand. You can view them here. I offer one package for basic hosting where you or your client keep WordPress maintained. Or a higher package that includes WordPress security, updates and management.


Value for money

Given the quality and track record of this hosting company, your clients would expect to pay a small fortune. Thankfully this isn’t the case! Your clients can view my hosting packages HERE. 

As a design colleague, what do you benefit from?

Peace of mind. Outsourced time. Referral Dollars.


Peace of mind. 

Your clients will have a reliable host with dependable technical support from me and you have a WordPress-ready, secure development environment.


Outsource WordPress management

If your clients choose my WordPress Management hosting package then I look after all WordPress security, updates and more.


Passive income. Earn dollars for each client you refer.

  • For your first 5 referrals, earn 15% of their annual package fee.
  • For 6-15 referrals earn 35% of their invoice.
  • For 16 or more referrals, you earn 40% share in referral invoices.

Sound appealing? You can get started in 2 easy steps.

I’d love to hear from you


Get in touch

Send me an email and introduce yourself to me. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your work.

Introduce me

The next time you work with a web design client, simply CC me into an email to introduce us.

This is one of my graphic design colleague’s emails, with just the names changed for privacy:

Hi Shona

I’ve started working with John from John’s Plumbing. He’s looking for a reliable host for his website, and I thought of your services. Can you please email him some of your hosting packages? I’ve assured him there’s no obligation, and the choice of host is entirely his. 

Kind Regards


I’ll make contact

I then promptly email your client my hosting package choices, available here. If they’d like to go ahead, they simply pick one, and I can email you the access details.

Enjoy the passive income!

Your client receives a contract invoice from me annually where they pay 12 months in advance. I then transfer your share each time that invoice is paid.

Ready to begin?

Build your own brand, mini guide

Get a feel for the process and a headstart. Follow my brand builder template to put together your own visuals, colour and font guides + identity mood and compose your niche bio catchline.