Take your soon-to-be customers from their current struggles, to their goal through you.

👉 Put yourself in their shoes and write down who they are, what they appreciate, how they feel and what their current challenges are.

👉 Write down what you provide, and how it is going to solve their challenges, in a way that also aligns with what they appreciate.

As an example; my audience is small business owners, coaches, freelancers, who are feeling stuck in their business. They know what good branding looks like and they can see their competitors growing around them and they feel like they’re missing the mark but are not sure why. They value a professional who won’t waste their time, they value learning because they’re prone to DIYing and they appreciate straight useful information and guidance.

So I aim my core message CLEAR, CONFIDENT, REJUVENATED BRANDING at those people, and provide useful, thought-provoking content via my socials and a work process that is straightforward, accommodating and guided. Of course, with a spectacular end result.

✍️ We can go through my signature workbook together; The 8 Brand Foundations, to figure out these answers for you, in depth, and align your brand visuals with it, so that you have a clear direction to take your clients in. And so that they feel understood.

Message me to begin your discovery.