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Work with me

We workshop together. It’s a personal process.

Let’s work our way from the beginning, defining every aspect of your brand. Then moving into logo design. And finishing with ongoing brand management, which encompasses the graphic design of marketing collateral to ensure your visual identity is consistent.

Service 01

Brand Strategy for New Business

Not every brand is created equal. And the ones that stand out within their industry have a deep understanding of what their voice is and who needs to hear it. We can design a logo for you, but your style is nothing without a clear, defined and distinct plan energising it behind the scenes.

Together, we define the message for your new service and explore and create a full brand aesthetic and mood for its persona. Workshopping through the 7 metrics behind a brand, we decipher what yours are and what your brand character will be. You walk away with a complete brand blueprint of your inner persona, goals and action plan, as well as a style guide to keep your new aesthetic clear and cohesive going forward. Resulting in a brand that seems effortless, but is at its most powerful.
Price: $1,300 / 4 payments of $325 (logo design is additional)

Service 02

Existing brand audit / redirection strategy

This is my speciality. Repurpose and redirection for business owners who have outgrown their existing service. We break down your new direction, investigate your place and message within that niche so that you are comfortable, confident and relevant in it, then get clear on your underlying brand persona, simplify everything into a cohesive and easy to follow style, and build the best visual appeal to truly represent the new you. I then audit your current business to see where you may need to apply the new direction and where your weaknesses are. You walk away with a complete blueprint of your brand’s persona to follow as well as a style guide to keep your rejuvenated new aesthetic clear and cohesive going forward.
Price: $1,300 / 4 payments of $325 (logo design is additional)

Service 03

Logo Design

With an appropriate brand definition, we can devise a logo to embody it. You may have worked with me through a Brand Strategy process, or you may have a moodboard and direction ready to fly. With the direction outlined, we can begin the logo creation process. Once it is perfect, you receive a full logo package (files, sizes, resolutions, colours) plus a breakdown document of visual elements including your moodboard, fonts and colours.
The result is a logo design to represent your brand direction, with a full collection of future files and a breakdown document of style elements used.
Price $750  / 2 payments of $375

Service 04

Graphic Design + Brand Management

When you are owning and loving what your brand says to the world, you need to keep your message consistent. I work with people who are clear on their aesthetic and are looking for a designer to manage it and keep it cohesive across all visuals and marketing collateral (such as advertisements, stationery, brochures, downloads, packaging, books + digital).

Service 05

Guidance Calls

A one-on-one analysis of your brand when you’re feeling stuck at any stage and need some advice and direction. We guide you back on track with an action plan to get you clear and motivated again.
Be prepared to share every aspect of what your brand currently is or will be. We’ll analyse it all together and find your weak points. We’ll then brainstorm together and devise a range of take-aways to strengthen or clarify those areas. We can chat together either once or at ongoing intervals.
Price: $110 / 1 hour

The love

“Shona was a dream to work with. She has a very personal approach while still maintaining an excellent level of professionalism. I had an idea of the logo I wanted in my head and she was able to capture just what I had in mind. I highly recommend Shona and I hope to work with her on further projects in the future.


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Your brand discovery workbook

A 15 page workbook that asks all the right questions. Proven success! Discover your business’ charm, who you appeal to, and make achievable goals to push your brand further.