I sell CONFIDENCE to those who have disconnected from their business….. Part of having a Brand Strategy is understanding what your client REALLY gets from you.

If I buy a new wardrobe from a furniture store, I want to know how freeing my life will feel to have my clothes organised into one space. I don’t care right away about what type of material it is made out of (I can look into that later once I’m more invested in the purchase).

The original iPod gave us “1,000 songs in your pocket”. Nothing about the battery life, its dimensions or how on earth they fit all those songs in there. Just a solution to wanting more music on-the-go.

When I sell Branding Services, I sell you CONFIDENCE IN YOUR BUSINESS, WHEN YOU’RE FEELING DISCONNECTED. Not just a good looking logo.

👉👉 A Brand Strategy session will give you the clarity to understand your clients and their struggles, along with the inner personality of your business in order to appeal to them.
It will allow you to get to know your product or service and then understand what you are REALLY selling, more than just the product itself.

You could be selling confidence, it could be time out & relaxation, it could be a healthy lifestyle, or an easier/faster routine for your customer’s day.

✍️ Look at what your client feels, experiences and gets out of your product and sell them on that. They can research the specifics of your product themselves, after you have already convinced them emotionally.