How to give your business a quick step up.

First, write down all the tasks in your business that you’re best at, and like doing. Next, write down all tasks in your business that you don’t enjoy or aren’t as good at. Then cull or outsource any services from the second list completely. Uplevel and niche your services to concentrate on the first list. This is where your power lies. You will feel more useful and productive. And your audience will appreciate you more.

This is where I start every few years when I’m ready for a rejuvenation. In 11 years I’ve probably done this 3-4 times. It helps to
👉 define your strengths
👉 clarify your brand’s purpose, and
👉 declutter the services, processes and tasks that have accumulated over the years and are either no longer serving you, no longer serving your clients, or no longer enjoyable for you.