Premade Logos

Logos that are worthy of being a brand face, when another was chosen instead.

These logos have great potential and need to be re-homed. We can customise your name and colour palette into them and BAM, a logo that’s all yours (not a stock!) for half the price of a custom design.

Your new logo will be removed from this page once sold. New designs are added frequently.


4 different file types (JPG, PNG, TIF & EPS for professional use & editing)
3 different sizes (18cm, 9cm, 4.5cm + EPS file is unrestricted)
3 different colours (colour, white & greyscale)
High & low resolution (72dpi, 300dpi and unrestricted EPS)
Logo Guidelines PDF specifying colours codes, font names and best file format uses.

Logos for Sale…

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