“People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations, stories & magic” – Seth Godin

So, you want to step up in your business, grow your sales and become a person of influence for your audience. You are selling the best possible version of your service or product, but you feel like you’re forever trying to find the best way to explain what you provide, or leads aren’t converting to sales, or your audience isn’t interacting enthusiastically.

Has your business been broken down strategically into a strong brand? – and I don’t just mean a logo and a set of recurring colours.

👉 Do you know your clients’ end EMOTIONAL goal from choosing you? And are you then focussing on selling that? Stop selling your product, and start selling the state of mind they will feel once using your product.

👉 Do you have a strong visual presence that is repeatable and consistent and SIMPLE? Your clients should recognise you the moment they see you, even if they don’t stop to look at you. It’s a subtle energy that embodies your business. Your brand is an entire presence, not just a logo.

👉 Find your personality. People will buy from you and grow into an audience when they can connect with you. Break down your business values, your tone of voice, your style, the experience that you create, your mood keywords, and stick with them. Build relationships from this and make it genuine.

🌟 Be a brand. Not a product. Message me to find and strengthen your authentic brand personality, and we’ll workshop together.