It’s easier to create a very strong, very familiar, very memorable, and therefore a very trustworthy brand, when you design your brand towards one area of demographic. This never means that you will stop attracting a wide range of customers.

Look at Coca Cola for instance. They built their brand towards a young, cool image. But I know plenty of men and women of all ages and stages who drink it.

Another example is Apple computers. They decided to brand for the outcast creatives who think differently. But now every school and most industries have an Apple computer in their office.

If your product or service is GOOD and HAS VALUE then everybody will find you anyway. But always create a personality out of your brand to inherently show your character within your business and watch people flock.

Nobody like the wishy-washy brands. Everybody loves the strong ones that speak directly to somebody.

That’s what I do. I help you to strategise and design your brand’s character, based off what you want it to be and who you want it to attract. So contact me to get stuck in.