Your brand grows with you. It just needs a little rejuvenation every now and then.

I started offering design services in 2009. So I’ve been working for myself for a long time.
In the beginning, I decided I would study Graphic Design but I didn’t have that much faith in my skills.

IT’S OK TO START SMALL & SCARED! Baby steps allowed me to test the waters of freelancing. Especially as a 21 year old introvert. Turns out I should have been more confident in my skills.
I picked up projects, I strived to make the client happy in every way. I created full brochures for $50 and people raved about me and the value to their friends. And I grew.

And with that, I slowly built up my knowledge, experience and most importantly – my confidence.

Now, over 10 years later, my client base and my portfolio is huge. And my rates have certainly increased over the years too.

But there was always a natural drive that I had towards the inner workings behind a business and brand, more than just the design. Often I’d receive such a vague brief and the planning required behind it wasn’t reflective of the actual billable time for design. Graphic Design is unfortunately often seen as a commodity like that. And I’ve finally figured out how my services can solve the problem.

👉 Brand Strategy is all about building your brand’s personality.
👉 Your message,
👉 your design,
👉 your feeling,
👉 a narrowed-down direction to make everything that comes with the brand SO much easier

I ❤️ where I have landed. I ❤️ the journey so far. I’m so proud of me and the time and effort I have put into my career for the past decade. I am so happy that I started small instead of expecting everything within 2 years. …There is a LOT of “6-figure-entrepreneur” talk around nowadays that wasn’t as prominent when I started, and BOY am I GLAD about that! It’s too much pressure!

Go at your own pace. Go as you feel comfortable. Trust your gut. And if it feels right, keep doing exactly what you’re doing until you feel ready to step it up a notch. Then step it up and carry on with that for a while. And repeat.

Growth is personal and slow. But it’s always happening. x

If you’re ready to build your brand, get in touch.