10 years ago I began offering graphic design services as a side project, while I looked for full time work. I built my own little static coded website (which was my favourite thing to do back then) and somehow Google picked me up. My first client found me out of the blue, from the National Speakers’ Association, needing corporate flyers. My second client (only a week later) was on the other side of Australia, needing wedding invitations.
Then I added ongoing timesheet work for bigger businesses as well as my project work. That’s what I love about working for myself. All my projects and industries can be very different.

In every year of my business, my numbers have grown, so I know I’m doing it right. When I had kids, I pivoted my services, and concentrated on the more passive income services I provide, as well as bringing on team members, both of these things allow me to support our family without even half as much time.

I’m so happy to have grown this far, a decade and 3 babies later. If you are flexible and adapt to life’s changes and want to keep your business running and growing no matter what – then you certainly can too.