“Marketing without design is lifeless. And design without marketing is mute.” – Von Glitschka

You should have access to both a marketing specialist and a graphic designer, if you intend to grow and promote your business.

One of my very first freelance projects was working alongside a local marketing gal who reached out to me to solve her client’s goals together.

And when I work with my med/large business teams, it’s always their marketing team whom I’m working with.

You can plan your promotion with great copy and content, and clever reach, but does it attract anybody at first glance? Does it create a visual desire to learn more?

Likewise, you could hire me as a graphic designer, but a pretty picture with no brand strategy says nothing.

Over the last decade, I’ve worked with so many marketing teams, that I tend to include those strengths and aspects into my clients’ project if I can see that it’s lacking the marketing bones.
I’ll usually follow the brief, but then also include my own version and feedback where I believe some clever marketing could step in to strengthen it.

MY TIP: Find a designer who is familiar with marketing, and find a marketer who values a quality designer. That’s when your brand has a voice.