Here’s the 411 on how to enhance your business’s personality…

👉 Decide on one main type of customer for you. This doesn’t mean you only sell to a small niche, but you certainly do advertise to it.
👉 Decide on one brand archetype that will appeal to that audience. And a second support archetype too. (DM me for a free brand archetype guide or Google some.)
👉 Are you a rebellious adventurer? A charismatic charmer? A sage advice giver? A fun jester? An honest everyday person? A strong hero? An innocent healer?
👉 Base all of your design elements and written messages within your business, on becoming that personality. This is the personality that your customer is looking for and needs when they find you.
👉 Strengthen it so that it’s overly obvious, like a TV show character.

Make friends with copywriters and graphic designers. Contractors who will get to know your business and stay alongside with you, rather than mixing them up often. This is how you strengthen a brand.
Also make sure that they won’t just take direction from you, but instead will offer their own advice. Trust that they know how to appeal to your audience once you show them what it is.

Does this help to strengthen your business’s personality? DM me for an archetype guide or visit for more help with your branding.