If your brand were a person, what words would you use to describe them? And does your current colour palette, font families and imagery reflect this character?

What personality traits would you attribute to your business?

This is a great way to hone in on the message and actions behind your business, to be sure that you are consistent, strong and reliable to your audience.

You can then take this one step further, and ask yourself; who would my customer want as their friend, during the experience that they’re feeling when they hire me?

⭐️ What is your customer looking for in their life, that you can take on as a persona?

For example,
👉 Are they looking for a mothering, nurturer type to help them feel safe?
👉 Or a rebellious adventurer to challenge their achievements?
👉 A stylish, sophisticated friend who makes them feel high class and confident?
👉 Or a cheeky, fun best friend to let their hair down with?
👉 Maybe a reliable, wise friend with whom they can be guided and find advice?

Label yourself. Get super clear on it and create your message around it. Allow your business to become a person. Not just a service.

🎖Brands are built on 8 pillars, and you can learn and build them all, along with my guidance, within my signature workbook and design process.