I say no thanks to NY resolutions. Here’s why and what I do instead.
Well It’s that queer time between Christmas and the New Year where we don’t know what day it is, and we can no longer see the fridge shelves.

I’ve used this time today to set myself some goals for 2022. Home (Family), Financial and Business. I only do this when the motivation and inspiration is high. No point forcing it!

My main goal for 2022 is to turn my Brand Strategy Workbook into video courseware. I also have some big personal investment plans.

👎 I’m not a fan of New Year Resolutions (for me personally) because it feels like something that if you brake it, it’s all over. But simple goals are something that you can commit the full 12 months to. It feels like a promise to yourself, to do bite-sized tasks at your own pace and if you’re not in the mood then there’s no rush, because you have plenty of time. To me, a resolution highlights something that needs to be fixed, while a goal is something that gives you unpressured hope.

What are your goals for 2022? Make them easy, natural and motivating. If they include a Brand Redesign, then contact me and as a Graphic Design expert, I can help you.