You don’t need to have all the answers to start workshopping your brand. You don’t need to know where to begin, nor what your aims are. You don’t need to have any answers at all! …Who has time for thinking?

All you need right now, is a feeling.

If you look at your business and you’re feeling:

👉 Amateur
👉 Cluttered
👉 Disconnected
👉 Unsatisfied
👉 Stuck
👉 Like your business is falling behind its competitors
👉 That it doesn’t represent the true, jam-packed value of your services

These are emotional signs that you have stepped up and past the business that you used to be.

Maybe you started with a DIY or small budget brand style and are now looking for a strong, sleek and more mature brand essence.

Once you recognise that this is where you’re at, fixing it is easy and natural. Especially when you have a guidebook that covers the 8 foundations of a brand so that you can build a strong new identity, effortlessly. And then of course a designer (me) to analyse and curate a brand style to match.

So don’t worry about being “ready”. You’ll worry more if you never start. ⭐️
⁣Begin with a short form.