I’m so bored of seeing/hearing “I’m an XYZ who helps entrepreneurs to harness their potential and achieve 6 figures through purposeful insight and authentic influence.”

Not only does this tell me nothing, but there’s a science behind it to prove why this isn’t helping your brand.

If I have to figure it out then I could, but I don’t want to work for it and neither do your clients.

Here’s the science behind it:

It comes down to our Reptilian Brain. This is our primal and oldest brain and if it is caused frustration through your messaging or if it has to work hard to understand the message then the Reptilian Cortex will literally tell the reader to escape the situation. Because its job is about avoiding pain and conserving energy.
We need to get past this emotional brain before we can move onto the next part of the brain that controls rationalisation and consideration. (The Prefrontal Cortex)

SO! Drop the jargon and the inspiration words and simplify.

“Jargon is to your message, what stock imagery is to your website.” – Stephen Houraghan