Brand Coaching & Guidance Calls

When you’re feeling STUCK at any stage and need some feedback, clarity, direction and motivation. I offer one-on-one analysis and action-plan calls to get you back on track. Let’s chat once, or monthly ongoing.

If You’re Starting a New Business

You might need a guidance chat when…

  • You know your style, but you want advice on whether it will work, be successful, or if it can be improved on.
  • You’re not sure who your market should be and how to appeal to them.
  • You have ideas, but you’re not sure how to bring them to life, who to start with, or what direction to take.
  • You’re not confident about your direction and need some brainstorming.
  • You don’t know what you need… but help!


If You’re an Existing Business

You might need a guidance chat when…

  • You look at your existing business and feel confused, disheartened, outgrown and detached.
  • You need guidance and clarity on what you really offer and to who.
  • You have used a mixture of visual styles in the past and now your presence is cluttered and inconsistent.
  • When you have outgrown what you used to offer and need a new visual direction to express what you do now.
  • You’re feeling unguided or have been given bad advice.
  • You need some fresh-eyed feedback on what is or isn’t working.

I offer one-on-one analysis and coaching calls to get you back on track. Priced at $80p/h, let’s chat together either once or at ongoing intervals. We can brainstorm, I’ll give my advice, my analysis and some plans for moving forward.

Contact me to arrange an hour coaching call