Once you start simplifying your message and your visual style, you look more put-together, you’re more trustworthy, reliable and easy to understand.

But getting to the crux of your business can be SO DIFFICULT! Especially if you have shiny object syndrome and tend to “borrow” bits and pieces from your competitors, or change your mind about the products and services that you provide. Or you love to follow the trends.

I get it! But simplicity is so important for a strong brand. Think of Coca Cola, Apple, Nike, Lorna Jane, Hugo Boss. These are big brands that don’t feel cluttered when you think of them.

The 8 Brand Foundations takes you through the process of finding out what is important as the purpose of your business and turning it into tangible plan for your brand.

I hate clutter. And so do customers. So fill in my short form to find out more.