Brand consistency has three meanings:

✏️ In terms of DESIGN; make sure all of your branding and marketing collateral matches and ISN’T CONFUSING. Your design is best when it’s simple and repeated a million times over. Make it the same every time! You may see it over and over and fear that you’re being too repetitive, but your audience isn’t there with you every moment that you look at it. And they often only see you within a blink of an eye, so they need to recognise you without any thought involved. Repetition creates trust!

✍️ In terms of MESSAGE; it’s the practice of always delivering messages and a voice that are in line with the identity and values of your brand. ⭐️ This is where working through a Brand Strategy is useful so that all of your values and messages are blueprinted in order to make everything super easy, relevant and powerful. DM me to arrange a strategy and design for you. 👈

🔈 In terms of ADVERTISING; Thomas Smith, in his book “Successful Advertising,” makes the following reflection (which I’ve summarised for IG) on effective frequency:

The 1st time people look at ad, they don’t see it.
The 5th time, they actually read the ad.
The 7th time, they get a little irritated with it.
The 8th time, they think, “Here’s that confounded ad again.”
The 9th time, they wonder if they’re missing out on something.
The 10th time, they ask their friends or neighbors if they’ve tried it.
The 15th time, they start to yearn for it because they can’t afford to buy it.
The 17th time, they make a commitment to buy the product.
The 18th time, they curse their poverty because they can’t buy this terrific product.
The 19th time, they count their money very carefully.
The 20th time prospects see the ad, they buy what it is offering.

🙌 Knowing your brand’s strategy is key to creating a message and design that can be repeated over and over, and still hold its value strongly and clearly for your audience. Visit to find out more and create yours.