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The first and best reason to choose Shona is the exciting results. So why not browse my portfolio page as proof?

Down to business

I’ve been around for over a decade

When a person comes to me – they stay. Why? I’ve been forming relationships and creating influential brands for over 10 years. This ain’t no ‘side hustle’ for me. I started out on my own as a graphic designer and now, my focus is on unearthing a deep understanding of what drives the voice and purpose of your brand and who needs to hear it. From there, the aesthetics and visual identity just flow.

My work is split into two areas:
1) Brand strategist: for those looking to develop a brand
2) Brand manager: graphic design for those with an established style who need matching designs following it.

To begin, I’ll ask (a lot of) questions about your vision because it’s vital that I understand what makes you tick, in order to portray this in the most attractive way to your audience.

Please note that I work only via e-mail, video and phone due to high demand.


A little more personal

You’ll get to know me when we work together

If you could press a glass up to the wall of my home, you’ll hear the squeals of my three sons “playing” together, the click-clack of my cat trampling my keyboard, often the cool tunes of Fleetwood Mac playing or podcasts in the background of my life. The most frequent podcast topics to land between my ears are business, health, mindful living, branding, and productive mummas leading a similar life to mine.

I like to start as many days as I can with a walk or run through the bush trail at the end of my street and end the day with a yoga class. My personality type is INFJ which means I’m contentious, creative and dedicated. I always love to keep busy, with a drive to help others realise their potential. Us INFJs only make up 2% of the general population; with claims to fame like Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, Robert Burns and Bob Marley. — Did I just compare myself to Gandi?

I thrive on keeping my professional relationships hugely positive ones. To encourage this, profits are regularly contributed to Australian charities. This is an essential part of my personal ethos, being dedicated to natural and humane living.

I specialise in ethical and socially-responsible businesses via www.BrandsOfChange.com.au and am available for public speaking events and article contribution including topics on using emotion behind a brand to form customer bonds, thriving in business as an introvert, and motivational guidance for socially-responsible businesses and charities.

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