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I’m the person who will hold your hand from start to finish, give you good advice and show your brand the care it needs.

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I’ve been around for over a decade

I’ve been helping business owners to discover their professional identity and designing influential brands for over 10 years. In fact, I was coding websites in 2000 before ‘Blog’ was a word!

My training and focus is on unearthing and creating a deep understanding of what drives the voice and purpose of your brand and who needs to hear it. From there, the aesthetics and visual identity just flow.

My brand, graphic & web design services are split into three areas:
A. Existing business, ready to uplevel and refresh their brand.
B. New start-up businesses looking to create a brand.
C. People & teams who love their brand, and need a graphic or web designer to keep it consistent.

If you are a sole trader, or a team within a small business, I work with both. From naturopaths, tradespeople and coaches, to med-large contractors and offices.

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A little more personal

You’ll get to know me when we work together

If you could press a glass up to the wall of my home, you’ll hear the squeals of my three sons playing together, the click-clack of my cat trampling my keyboard and the cool tunes of Fleetwood Mac or podcasts streaming in the background of my life. The most frequent podcast topics to land between my ears are business, finance, health, mindful living, branding, and productive mummas leading a similar life to mine.

My personality type is INFJ which means I’m contentious, creative and dedicated. I always love to keep busy, with a drive to help others realise their potential. Us INFJs only make up 2% of the general population; with claims to fame like Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, Robert Burns and Bob Marley. — Did I just compare myself to Gandi?

I enjoy hot yoga, have been vegetarian for over a decade, and of an evening you’ll find me watching a good home reno show or standup comedy with my husband, while sipping a warm glass of Glayva spiced whiskey liqueur.

I specialise in ethical and socially-responsible businesses via www.BrandsOfChange.com.au and am available for article contribution including topics on using emotion behind a brand to form customer bonds, thriving in business as an introvert, and motivational guidance for socially-responsible businesses and charities. 

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Build your own brand, mini guide

Get a feel for the process and a headstart. Follow my brand builder template to put together your own visuals, colour and font guides + identity mood and compose your niche bio catchline.