Clear. Confident. Rejuvenated Branding.

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We define your brand. Then we nurture it.

It’s exciting; when you redefine yourself. The tingle of anticipation for what your brand will become, the clarity of decluttering what was no longer working, and the confidence of stepping up into that next level. Then, in just a little while your business has transformed and it’s everything you wanted and more – that’s the fun part.

Hi! I’m Shona


I hope you’re having a !
When a person comes to me – they stay.
Why? I’ve been helping business owners to discover their professional identity and designing influential brands for over 10 years. My focus is on unearthing a deep understanding of what drives the voice and purpose of your brand and who needs to hear it. From there, the aesthetics and visual identity just flow.

I love working with people who are ready to step up and redefine themselves after outgrowing their existing business, leading them to find a genuine new confidence.

During the process I’ll get to know you pretty darn well, so here’s a little snippet on me in return; I miss hot yoga but at the moment I have three tiny boys to keep up with. In my downtime I enjoy a good vegetarian meal while watching a home reno program. I surround myself with houseplants and any day can be topped off with a warm glass of Glayva spiced whiskey liqueur. …What’s your story?

Step Up Your Brand

purpose & design Strategy

Do you feel like you are outgrowing you current business? We can redefine your message and visuals to communicate your true value. We investigate why you’re stuck together and workshop through 5 phases where we break down your pain-points, your vision, a new direction, declutter what isn’t working and investigate your place and message within your niche so that you are comfortable, confident and relevant in it.

Then we design! Exploring the best visual appeal to truly represent the new you and then simplify everything into a cohesive and easy to follow style.

You walk away with a complete brand blueprint to follow, as well as a style guide to keep your rejuvenated business clear and cohesive going forward.

Graphic Design

Brand aesthetic Management

When you are owning and loving what your brand says to the world, you need to keep your message consistent. I work with people who are clear on their aesthetic and are looking for a designer to manage it and keep it cohesive across all visuals and marketing collateral. This includes printing stationery, signage, packaging and other physical design forms.

New brand


Logo Design

Brand Face Identity

Graphic Design

Brand Management



The love

“Dear Shona, In the past six months you have quite literally “made” my business into what I always wanted, but couldn’t get to. From nothing but a vague idea in an email about how stuck I am, we now has a tangible look and feel that is fresh, original and visually stunning. Most importantly, my customers love it and the business is rolling in. Because of you, my small business has a more sophisticated logo and business card, matching flyers, a big sign for my expos, a facebook, youtube and twitter landing page, an interactive website…the list goes on. The best way I can think of thanking you aside from this will be the continued business that I will refer your way!”


Supported Charities

Build your own brand, mini guide

Get a feel for the process and a headstart. Follow my brand builder template to put together your own visuals, colour and font guides + identity mood and compose your niche bio catchline.