Clear. Confident. Rejuvenated Branding.

For business owners who want to connect with their brand again.
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It’s exciting…

when you rejuvenate your business. The tingle of anticipation for what your brand will become, the clarity of simplifying your message, and the confidence of a design that steps you up into that next level. Then, in just a little while your business has transformed and you feel reconnected with it again. 
– That’s the fun part!

You know that collection of businesses you follow; the ones who inspire you because they seem to be at the next level? Well, they have a simple and strong brand, based on a deep persona psychology. And you can too!

My process takes you from business owner, to brand owner:



Tell me about yourself, your business and your goals. We’ll do a micro audit of your current position and design, discuss a clear direction for you, and create a plan to make it happen.



We work through my signature process, The 8 Brand Foundations. Answering all the questions that build a strong and clear persona for your business and connects with your audience.



I develop your brand’s visual personality, carefully curated from our workshop together. You will feel like your business has been brought back to life through mood and design boards + logo.



Your business will be easy to understand and connect with, representing a highly personal  visual character. Your Brand Book, Logo Guide & Strategy Workbook will keep you on track going forward.

Hi! I’m Shona


I hope you’re having a !

I’m a Brand Strategist & Designer of 10+ years.

I work with business owners who are ready to step up and redefine themselves after outgrowing or struggling with their existing business, leading to a genuine new confidence.

Not you? Then check out my Brand Management services for graphic and web design for new or established brands.

So!.. Ready to chat? Let’s build that clear, confident, rejuvenated branding that you’re ready for.

“I want to appear as, and treat myself like the business I am capable of”

I hear you:

  • I have outgrown my business and my brand no longer reflects what I offer.

  • I have stopped giving my brand the attention that I once did and now I have lost connection and am watching my competitors grow around me.

  • I’m overwhelmed with complicated messaging, directions and too many offerings and need to simplify.

  • My niche market, is everybody.

  • I’m ready to step into a position of authority and expertise, but my brand still feels small.

  • I’m having a brand identity crisis, and need to strategise.

We will:

  • Audit your current business to find clutter, mixed messages and design pitfalls.

  • Discover your brand character archetype.

  • Workshop your audience, message, direction, industry, emotions and goals.

  • Create your streamlined and strong message that feels easy and natural to you.

  • Design a visual identity for your business that reflects the new you, based on our strategy workshop.

  • Leave you feeling rejuvenated and decluttered, looking like the business that you’re ready to be.

What is Brand Strategy?

A strategy forms the bones behind the brands that work properly. Before your brand can help others, and before you can feel truly comfortable and clear, it needs to have solid commitments; an idea of where it’s going, how it’s going to get there and what impact it’s going to have.

Once you have discovered and built your strategy, a visual identity guide is built around that. And a sleek and consistent visual identity will be the catalyst for when people think about you.

The modern consumer is more aware of branding than ever before. They expect brands to be crystal clear in their messaging and how they fit into their lives. Each step that we explore, from positioning, to messaging, to design, is a strategic tool in the game of branding. And each tool is another opportunity to place your brand in a position in the mind of your audience.



The love

“Dear Shona, In the past six months you have quite literally “made” my business into what I always wanted, but couldn’t get to. From nothing but a vague idea in an email about how stuck I am, we now has a tangible look and feel that is fresh, original and visually stunning. Most importantly, my customers love it and the business is rolling in. Because of you, my small business has a more sophisticated logo and business card, matching flyers, a big sign for my expos, a facebook, youtube and twitter landing page, an interactive website…the list goes on. The best way I can think of thanking you aside from this will be the continued business that I will refer your way!”


Build your own brand, mini guide

Get a bite-size of my process. Follow my brand builder template to put together your own visuals, colour and font guides + identity mood and compose your niche bio catchline.