Clear. Confident. Rejuvenated Branding.

Step out of your outgrown business, into the brand you're ready to be.
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It’s exciting…

…when you rejuvenate your business. The tingle of anticipation for what your brand will become. The clarity of finding your own persona and message. The confidence of a design that steps you up into that next level.
Then, in just a little while your business has transformed and you feel bigger, better, prouder, and reconnected with it again.

– That’s Clear. Confident. Rejuvenated.

Do you see other businesses within your industry and admire (and envy) them because they seem to be at the next level?
Well, there’s room on that pedestal for you too. Because I create those brands. We define your business’ entire sense of self, before the designing even begins.

My process takes you from business owner, to brand owner:


Get Introduced

For start-up businesses, we define your ideas. For existing businesses, we discuss your pain-points, plan your aims and where you are truly meant to be directing instead.

Get Introduced


Get Clear

Workshop through my 8 Brand Foundations to discover your persona and difference within your industry so that you’re comfortable, confident and relevant within it. 

The 8 Brand Foundations


Get Confident

Develop your brand’s visual identity to match your strategic direction. We create mood boards and gather examples to choose your direction and personality.

Get Confident Brand Design


Get Rejuvenated

We develop a range of logo designs with revisions. Then refine it with a brand style, exploring colour palette, fonts, imagery, and a complete composed branding.

Get Rejuvenated Brand Design

Separate services are available | Process is used for new/start-up businesses and existing businesses.

Shona Maitland

Hi! I’m Shona

I hope you’re having a !

Based in a leafy suburb of Sydney, I’m a mother to three tiny boys, a yogi, and a lover of spiced whiskey.

As a Senior Graphic Designer and Brand Strategist of 10+ years, I specialise in helping business owners to step up and redefine themselves after outgrowing or struggling with their existing brand.

It’s a natural process every few years to pivot and grow – I myself have been through the transition many times, and now my own personal strategy and design process is helping you to achieve that sense of ‘bigger’ that you have been feeling.

Not you? Then check out my other graphic and website design services, for start-ups, established brands and office teams.

“I want to appear as, and treat myself
like the business I am capable of”

I hear you:

  • I have outgrown my business and my brand no longer reflects what I offer.
  • I’ve never liked how my business looks. It’s time to fix it.
  • I started with no budget and my aesthetic reflects that.
  • I’ve become cluttered by complicated messaging and service offerings so I need to simplify.
  • I’m ready to step into a position of authority and expertise, but my brand still feels small.
  • I have stopped giving my brand the attention that I once did and now I have lost connection and am watching my competitors grow around me.
  • I’d like to refine a niche or branch out to other types of customers.
  • My website and business design looks amateur and doesn’t reflect my true potential to people.

We will:

  • Audit your current business to find clutter, mixed messages and design pitfalls.
  • Take the time to discover and create your unique brand character.
  • Workshop your industry position, target audience, voice, direction, emotions and goals.
  • Create a streamlined and strong message that feels easy and natural to you.
  • Design a visual identity for your business that reflects your true service or product.
  • Give you the confidence to increase your prices and charge what your personal industry experience has become worth.
  • Leave you feeling rejuvenated and decluttered. Looking, sounding and feeling like the business that you’re ready to be. Because first impressions matter.

Recent Before & Afters

I help freelancers and small business teams with…











What is Brand Strategy?

A strategy forms the bones behind the brands that work properly. Before your brand can help others, and before you can feel truly comfortable and clear, it needs to have solid commitments; an idea of where it’s going, how it’s going to get there and what impact it’s going to have.

Once you have discovered and built your strategy, a visual identity guide is built around that. And a sleek and consistent visual identity will be the catalyst for when people think about you.

The modern consumer is more aware of branding than ever before. They expect brands to be crystal clear in their messaging and how they fit into their lives. Each step that we explore, from positioning, to messaging, to design, is a strategic tool in the game of branding. And each tool is another opportunity to place your brand in a position in the mind of your audience.

What it can include:

Business name analysis

Slogan creation

Service & process streamlining

Core values

Industry differentiation

Target audience

Voice & message

Supportive marketing methods

Carl Jung ‘Jungian’ Archetypes

Positioning statement

Client transformation process

Logo design

Colour palette, fonts, imagery

‘Brand Essence’


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The love

“Dear Shona, In the past six months you have quite literally “made” my business into what I always wanted, but couldn’t get to. From nothing but a vague idea in an email about how stuck I am, we now has a tangible look and feel that is fresh, original and visually stunning. Most importantly, my customers love it and the business is rolling in. Because of you, my small business has a more sophisticated logo and business card, matching flyers, a big sign for my expos, a facebook, youtube and twitter landing page, an interactive website…the list goes on. The best way I can think of thanking you aside from this will be the continued business that I will refer your way!”


Build your brand mini guide

Build your own brand, mini guide

Get a bite-size of my process. Follow my brand builder template to put together your own visuals, colour and font guides + identity mood and compose your niche bio catchline.