Outdoor Vinyl Banner

Printed on high quality 550gsm banner, these are perfect for markets, roadside displays, events including parties, shop signage and more. Hemming and eyeletting are included free of charge, and there is a host of other options, including self adhesive vinyl patches allowing you to easily reuse your banner for different dates and location details!

Minimum Qty: 1
Hemming: Yes/No
Eyelets: Yes/No
Corner Ropes: Yes/No
Velcro: Yes/No
Velcro Patch: 1/2/3
Adhesive Patch: 1-10

Sizes & Stocks:
Size: 60 x 90cm
Stock: 500gsm

Size: 100 x 200cm
Stock: 500gsm

Size: 150 x 300cm
Stock: 500gsm

Custom sizes also available.