Website Hosting + Management

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Your personal website host and account manager.

I get to know you and your site personally and manage all technical aspects from hosting, security and updates.

I offer an exclusive web hosting + management service, where I look after everything technical for you. You will never need to wait in a phone queue for hosts, never manage technical settings, and never worry about your website breaking or being left un-attended, with nobody to turn to. I know you and your site personally and can help to keep everything running smoothly with customised security and speed features. Web hosting is taken very seriously by me and I deliver the same reliability to my clients as I do with my own business.

Before opening an account, I will assess your website (if it already exists) to ensure I can deliver all plan services properly. If you have any premium plugins or custom themes then additional costs may be required to their developers for these to be updated properly.

The benefits you experience are…

  • Increased protection from security breaches
  • Search engines trust and rank you higher
  • More reliable server up-time and security
  • All features of your website work properly
  • Peace of mind for backup restoration
  • Quicker and cost-effective for developers to edit in the future
  • Faster and more responsive for customers to use
  • WP Admin is more intuitive and easy for you to make edits
  • No more confusing admin update notifications and warnings
  • Less time spent publishing your own edits

The risks of neglected sites & cheap hosts…

  • Search engines lower your rank with possible blacklisting
  • Browsers can’t display your site properly
  • Plugins conflict together and stop working
  • Outdated servers are hacked and slow
  • Cheap hosts have terrible service and waiting times
  • Your site may have no fail-safe if you need to restore
  • Slower, harder and costly for developers to work on
  • Hacker bots trawl Google for outdated code and break through
  • WP Admin may not display your page editing box
  • To repair a broken site costs more than to keep it maintained

Your plan choices are…

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