• Logos & brand identity
  • Brochures & marketing media
  • Advertisements & promotional goods
  • Business cards & stationery
  • Posters & signage
  • Packaging & labels
  • eBooks & downloads
  • Websites & digital imagery
  • Hosting & domain names

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It’s exciting when you send that first design request. The tingle of anticipation for what your brand may become; then, in just a little while you receive it and it’s everything wanted and more…that’s the fun part!

When a person comes to me – they stay. Why? Because they love my open personality and how perfectly I design for any brand.
When you trust your business’ visual character with me, it’s an investment towards your own brand’s personality and appeal. A charming brand brings in clients. So let’s make your brand super charming. Need proof? Ask my clients.

To begin, I’ll ask questions about your aim because I must understand your business needs in order to make you more appealing than your competitors. I find most of the time this helps you to break down your own brand too.

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What else, Shona?


Shona, the difference you make is nothing short of legendary! I am so grateful for your skills, flexibility, options, and creative designs.
I couldn’t have done it without you. I appreciate your penetrating questions; I respect the depth of your knowledge. You have redefined the term ‘Simple Elegance’ I treasure your creative views and thank you for keeping the momentum going! I LOVE your work and service!” – Stenoy Stephenson, Shekinah Foundation